Outlaw Woodworks - Garage Door, Deck Stair railings, custom coffee tables, reclaimed lumber


About the Owner of Outlaw Woodworks LLC 

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, Jeff Langford’s work reflects his love of Montana’s history and Old West traditions. His interest in art began early. As a child, Jeff was always drawing, painting, or building. He began creating things out of wood at 6 years old. Jeff took art classes in school, working with watercolors, oils, and acrylics. He ultimately decided on wood as his preferred medium. 

Jeff is the owner of Outlaw Woodworks LLC. By combining modern woodworking technology with old-world handcrafting techniques, Jeff creates one-of-a kind art pieces that also serve a practical purpose. He likes to incorporate old barn wood, metal, leather, and other historic elements into his artwork to preserve pieces of history that might otherwise be lost. His furniture often has secret compartments hidden within the design. All of his finishes are custom mixed and hand applied. 

Jeff says, "My passion is to create unique pieces with a sense of history about them that will endure for many generations."